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God Will Help You–overcoming the hard times

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God Will Help You

by Max Lucado

Even in the best of times, we all have troubles, difficulties to face. In this pandemic, many are overwhelmed by the chaos, the darkness, the isolation of lockdowns. For some, the depths of despair have led to suicide, but Max Lucado has a better answer for this “winter of our discontent”….God. In God Will Help You, Lucado says “No matter the challenge or the question, by God’s grace you can face it. He is up to the task. And he will help you.”

Lucado is, by nature, a storyteller, and he uses stories, both from the Bible and from encounters he has had with others, to demonstrate some of the ways God can intervene in our stories. In each chapter, he addresses a different issue and then provides questions for reflection and Bible verses to remind you of God’s help. He closes each chapter with a prayer that you can pray in those circumstances, because sometimes we are so overwhelmed that we just don’t even know how to frame our petitions. Lucado has a way with words. In talking, for example, about God’s grace, he says we have been “doused” with it. What a perfect description!

So, if you’re feeling anxious, fearful, stuck in your circumstances, lonely, sick, or filled with grief, Max Lucado can’t fix those problems, but he can direct you to Jesus. You see, God already knows about your unsolved problems and your struggles to negotiate everyday life. He sees your heart and understands your needs. He is there to give you guidance. In his book God Will Help You, Lucado shows how God will come alongside you each and every day.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Christian, Self-Help, Inspirational

Notes: Having gone through a lot of changes in my life, especially in the last twelve years, I found this statement particularly meaningful: “So make friends with whatever’s next. Embrace it. Accept it. Don’t resist it. Change is not only a part of life; change is a necessary part of God’s strategy. To use us to change the world, he alters our assignments.”

Publication: December 29, 2020—Thomas Nelson

Memorable Lines:

The presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but the prison of anxiety is optional. Anxiety is not a sin; it is an emotion. (So don’t be anxious about feeling anxious.)

…celebrate his goodness, faithfulness, and forgiveness. These characteristics of God remain true no matter what you are going through.

But if you see your troubles as opportunities to trust God and his ability to multiply what you give him, then even the smallest incidents take on significance.

Had Jesus chosen to do so, he could have proclaimed a cloud of healing blessings to fall upon the crowd. But he is not a one size-fits-all Savior. He placed his hands on each one, individually, personally. Perceiving unique needs, he issued unique blessings.


  1. Thank you Linda, this truly sounds like a wonderful book, something to really help in these unsettled times…

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  2. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful book ! Especially for those who are overwhelmed with these crazy times.
    Thank you!

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  3. dfolstad58 says:

    Books like this are wonderful when they can help. I hope the book helps and inspires many. Advice and inspiration though are helpful when the person is ready, seeds that can only be planted when the soil is ready. This book then is best in my opinion for people who want to help others. A book will never replace a friend who will sit with you and just be a friend when you need it.

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    • lghiggins says:

      So well put! I don’t want to make light of anything about this, but what you said reminds me of the Crocodile Dundee movie. The reporter talks about a friend who has to go to a psychiatrist to talk out her problems, and Crocodile Dundee thinks that is odd as in his culture you just talk to your mates. Unfortunately, the lockdowns have kept people from sitting down with their friends. The sick, the elderly, and the depressed need that interaction more than anyone.

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  4. Carla says:

    I love that quote in your note Linda. How true it is. I am reading and studying Lucado’s Jesus: The God Who Knows Your Name. I love his books for so many reasons. Of course his story telling is amazing, but he is so down to earth and easy to understand. I also listened to Anxious for Nothing over the summer, but I will definitely add this to my list. So much anxiety and depression right now because of Lockdowns that I think more people need to pick this one up.

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