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Perilous Judgment–can a federal judge stay within the law and still save those closest to him?

Perilous JudgmentPerilous Judgement

A Real Justice Thriller Series, Book 1

by Dennis Ricci

Perilous Judgment is the first book in Dennis Ricci’s Real Justice Thriller Series. I don’t know what Mr. Ricci’s  plans for future books in this series are. I can envision his successfully either creating more tales revolving around his main character, Judge Edward Lamport, or departing from the characters in his first book to write more thrillers continuing to focus on the theme of real justice.  Is justice achieved only through the law or can individuals define it as something found in a higher good, a morality above and beyond human created systems of rules?

Perilous Judgment is a story of federal laws, political struggles for power and money, and international narcotics cartels. The main characters have made mistakes in their pasts for which there are consequences.  They have decisions to make which affect others and through prayer they try to decipher the will of God in their unique situations. Following the “real justice” theme, many tough but ethical people have to decide at what point there is a higher law to follow.

As a current resident of Mexico, I find reading about the violence of drug cartels difficult because their actions are at such odds with the individuals I have met in the general population.  They are kind, friendly and eager to help others.  They too dislike corruption in the government and fear the kidnapping and cruelty of gangs.  Then as I look back to my home country, I wonder if we are so very different.  The political corruption north of the border is more sophisticated and subtle, but is widespread. Large cities are racked  with high violent crime rates. I look forward to Mr. Ricci’s next thriller and wonder if his search for real justice will have its focal point solely in the U.S. or if he will once again cross international borders.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to the publisher Waterfall Press  for allowing me to read Perilous Judgment in exchange for an unbiased review.

Ghost of Africa– don’t miss this medical action suspense

The Ghost of AfricaGhost of Africa

by Don Brobst

Don Brobst has created a fast paced adventure set in Africa.  Although The Ghost of Africa is fiction, Don Brobst’s background lends a definite authenticity to the story.  Like his protagonist, Dr. Paul Branson, the author is a medical doctor who travels to Africa frequently to provide medical assistance.  The reader can assume the comparison ends there as the fictional doctor becomes entangled in a deadly struggle over oil between local forces in North Sudan and South Sudan.

Although Waterfall Press publishes Christian fiction, this novel does not fall anywhere near the category of historical romantic fiction that can be so typical of fictional works from a Christian publishing house.  The author has obviously thoroughly researched special forces and military equipment.  The result is a very detailed and physical fight for survival with a ruthless antagonist. There is a Christian theme as Dr. Branson is viewed by the natives as The Chosen One, a label he struggles with and tries to put into perspective for the native population.

I strongly recommend The Ghost of Africa. It does have a strong element of violence, but it is not gratuitous.  This book stands up well with other action adventures.  It also provides a realistic look at life in Africa for the innocents who are caught up in others’ struggles for wealth and power.

I want to extend thanks to and Waterfall Press for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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