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Amy Frogge: My 9-Year-Old Will Take Tests That Are Longer than My LSAT Exam

Why teachers should not be evaluated based on standardized test scores and why children should not take the tests in the first place.

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Amy Frogge is a member of the Metro Nashville school board. She was elected despite being outspent 5-1 by the corporate reformers who are trying to take over local and state school boards. Amy didn’t know anything about corporate reform when she decided to run for school board. She is a mom of children in Nashville public schools, and she is a lawyer. She went door to door and won her race.

Once she became a school board member, she realized that much was wrong. The charter industry was targeting Nashville, threatening to skim off the students they wanted and to reduce the funding for public schools. State-mandated testing, she discovered, was completely out of hand, a time-wasting burden to children and an unnecessary financial drain on the district’s schools.

This post has been widely shared on Facebook. Here, she explains why parents must get involved and act to defend…

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Enchant your everyday: Connection

As true now as it was then. This is what we should be doing in our schools.

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