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The Cutting of the Pine

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We have two beautiful, large pine trees behind our house in New Mexico, and one slight problem. One of them leans. It leans towards the house. Eventually it will fall on the house. As much as I hate to see a tree cut down, this one has to go. We are blessed with the services and equipment of a local expert and his intrepid nephew.



Heading up!


Cutting branches going up


Watch out below!


Working his way down


Notching a bigger section

The boss makes the final cut

Our old Wheel Horse will help.


Saving sections for the neighbor


Processing to dry over the winter


A safer house and still lots of trees on the property


  1. Great pictu,red and story

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  2. Wendy says:

    My husband did that one year. Our tree had died, and wasn’t as big. He Got his gear, climbed the tree, took it down from the top. He was wiped out half way through, and wouldn’t quit. It was quite the spectacle.
    I like your way much better!

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  3. Joëlle says:

    We have had to cut several trees down, two pines that had become nests for processionary caterpillars, and others that were dying. Then, out of sympathy apparently (!) our quince tree started leaning dangerously down… All of this within the span of 9 months! We have a lot of replanting to do in the fall!

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  4. Joëlle says:

    P-S: As much of a manly man as my husband is ^^, we let professionals do the cutting!

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