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How Do You Prefer to Write?

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editingWhen you write a blog entry, do you go straight to the keyboard or do you put it down on paper first? If the latter, where do you do your editing?

I’m curious if recording your thoughts is affected by age.  I would think that digital natives (those who grew up with computers in the home) might be more likely to compose directly on the computer.  Research shows that people who take notes, in a meeting or in class, directly on the computer retain less than those who use longhand. I have not seen research on how computer versus manuscript affects original writing. If you do other writing (i.e. professional documents, short stories, books), do you approach that writing differently?

If you would like to weigh in on this topic, to avoid revealing your age, just say whether you are a digital native or not and how you prefer to write.  If you want to give more details, go for it!

I am not a digital native. I did get in on personal computers with the Apple IIe and have always had some kind of computer ever since.  I was an elementary school tech teacher for 14 years out of my 34 years of teaching.  I write my blog entries in a notebook and do first editing there as well. This preliminary editing can vary from changing a few words to a major rewrite. My final editing is done on the computer and does not usually involve major changes (i.e. the thinking has already mainly occurred and what’s left is grammar, flow, and typographical errors.  When I wrote professional documents for work, I composed most of them on the computer and I am not sure why. Currently my only writing in retirement is blogging and informal digital communication which is, of course, written directly into whatever app I am using.


  1. Wendy says:

    I used to be a paper only creator. But since I got my iPad, I have found my ability to create digitally.
    I don’t know why, maybe it’s the click less keyboard.

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    • lghiggins says:

      It’s funny what a personal thing it is. I much prefer my laptop for writing to my iPad. For me, it is faster. I do love my iPad for more “fun” things. If I could just get it to file email in the folders like the mail program on my computer does, I might prefer it for that. As it is, everything gets tossed together.

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