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Review of The Discovery Saga Collection

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The Discovery Saga Collection: A 6-Part Series from Lancaster County

by Wanda E. Brunstetter

At some point in time, I got on Wanda Brunstetter’s email list and received a freeDiscovery Saga download of The Discovery Saga Collection which was initially released as a series of six books.  It recently struck my fancy to read it.  I found it to be basically a sweet book, focusing on the power of being kind to others.

The setting of The Discovery Saga Collection is “Amish country” as that culture and religion holds a fascination for the author. I found the first part of the saga very slow paced as Brumstetter tells the story alternately through the thoughts of the husband and wife and their reflections are very similar (i.e. repetitive).  The plot picks up pace and interest at the end of the first part.

Brumstetter creates interesting characters and a fascinating, difficult situation that involves many characters and their relationships.  I did want to read to the end to discover the resolution of the various conflicts, and I got the ending I wanted–sort of.  Without spoiling the book, let me say that I liked the characters’ reliance on God and the book’s use of Scripture as well as a liberal sprinkling of Pennsylvania Dutch in the dialogues.  I found many aspects of the book simplistic and unrealistic.  If you long for a very clean novel with some romance, a tidbit of action, and a focus on the faith of the Amish as well as other Christians, you will be pleased with this laid-back novel.

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