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Twins for the Mountain Firefighter–standing up for those you love

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Twins for the Mountain Firefighter

by Melinda Curtis

Twins for the Mountain FirefighterThea Gayle, working on her PhD in textiles, takes on a job as a nanny for ten year old twin girls. When their truck driving, widowed dad is absent for two months without paying Thea’s salary or the apartment rent, Thea finds herself and the girls literally on the sidewalk in Seattle with their belongings. When Thea latches on to the mention of Uncle Logan, a mountain Hot Shot firefighter, she packs the girls and their possessions in her yellow VW Beetle and heads to Silver Bend, Idaho.

In the little town she discovers Logan, aka Tin Man because he “has no heart,” still in deep distress over the death of his twin sister Deb, the girls’ mother. He is having trouble coping with his grief, maintaining his challenging job, and caring for his aunt Glen who has declined rapidly both physically and mentally. Thea brings light into all of their lives, but she and Logan both had serious problems in their family backgrounds and wonder if they can overcome them to find happiness.

Melinda Curtis’ Twins for the Mountain Firefighter is clean and heartwarming, but it does address serious issues including abuse, abandonment, and trust. Although the series focuses on a crew of Hot Shots, there is more emphasis in this novel on relationships than on the actual firefighting. It has characters reaching deep into themselves to find strength, courage, and caring they never knew they had.

I would like to extend my thanks to Melinda Curtis for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Romance

Notes: #2 in the Mountain Firefighter series, but works well as a standalone.

Publication:   March 16, 2020—Purple Papaya

Memorable Lines:

She swung her foot, causing a ripple from the bells attached to her shoes, reminding herself to believe in sunshine and happily-ever-afters, of dreams being achieved.

The distance between them and their goals suddenly seemed insurmountable. She and Logan operated on two different planes. He guarded himself from others with invisible plates of armor and wanted to be alone. She called people to her with color and sound.

His acerbic niece turned to face him. And suddenly, it wasn’t Deb’s face he saw in her scowl but his own. Here was more fallout of his actions, proving he was like a rock dropped into a pond, creating ripples where he shouldn’t.


  1. Thanks Linda, I tend to stay away from anything too troubling these days, I have enough worries in my head 🙂 I do want to mention I am really enjoying the Farm to Fork series by Lynn Cahoon, I’m on book 3, thanks so much!

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  2. Nancy says:

    Good review! Have you seen the movie Only the Brave? Its about our 19 Arizona HotShots that we lost to a very large Fire. They all came from the same town… Yarnell, AZ. I highly recommend it.

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  3. carhicks says:

    This one sounds really good Linda. I wish I hadn’t passed on this series, but I can still read them when I get time. I like that this is an uncle who needs to step up. It always adds more to a book when there are some serious issues dealt with as well. Glad you are enjoying this series, great review.

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    • lghiggins says:

      As the author says, reviewers can’t read everything and have to make choices. You would probably enjoy this series if it works out for you. I agree that having an uncle involved gives it an interesting twist as does the nanny being left high and dry by the deadbeat father.

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