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Love Life Again: Finding Joy When Life is Hard

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Love Life Again: Finding Joy When Life is Hard

by Tracie Miles

Love Life AgainI can’t think of anyone who hasn’t encountered some difficult circumstance or season in their life. In Love Life Again: Finding Joy When Life is Hard, Tracie Miles offers a different perspective on life for the person struggling. She walks the reader through many aspects of looking to enjoy the life you have even if it is not the life you hoped for. This is not a list of tips and tricks, although each chapter does end with a challenge, questions to reflect on, an action item, a prayer, and an invitation to smile.

Tracie comes alongside you as a friend, one who has experienced the depths of desperation herself. She encourages you to recognize Satan as the enemy and to fight back by drawing closer to God. She shares the importance of loving and valuing yourself and reaching out to help others. She advocates forgiving yourself, if needed, and forgiving those who have wronged you. As you work through the book, Tracie will help you focus on God and the people God puts in your path. She will show you how to turn complaining into praising and convert stressful thinking into thankfulness. Tracie Miles is not offering an instant remedy, but she is sharing a road to contentment through faith in Christ and by drawing close to his sheltering love.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Christian, Nonfiction

Notes: written primarily for women

Publication:   August 1, 2018—David C. Cooke

Memorable Lines:

Sweet friend, you don’t have to search for a different life in order to enjoy life; you simply have to embrace the one you have by putting Christ at the center and asking Him to help you enjoy life, despite life.

There came a time I had to accept that my life had not turned out the way I thought it would and no amount of wishing it were different was going to change it.

All too often we think our enemy is society, people, circumstances, or hardships. But the reality is that Satan is our enemy, not people or circumstances. While he is not in control of this world and what happens, he can wage war on our hearts and minds. He can convince us that we have a right to be grumpy and no reason to be joyful. He can feed us nagging lies to keep us discouraged, angry, unforgiving, or without hope.


  1. Cozynookbks says:

    Interesting. Honestly, it’s hard for me to read some of these Christian books because I almost always read parts that conflict with the Bible, Linda. For instance, the author says, regarding Satan,… “while he is not in control of this world.” The scriptures say that the devil IS the ruler of this world. Jesus Christ even said Satan was the ruler of this world. The devil is also referred to as the god of this system, meaning, this world. He offered Jesus all the kingdoms of this world and their glory if he fell down and did an act of worship to him. How could he offer them to Jesus if they didn’t belong to him? That’s why the world is so bad, because the devil is currently in control of it.
    Sorry if I sound preachy. I just felt compelled to mention this. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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  2. lghiggins says:

    You make some good points and I see what you mean. On the other hand God holds the ultimate power (Greater is He that is in me (God) than he that is in the world (Satan).) For example, when Satan tested Job, he had to get permission from God to do it. I am not a theologian (and they disagree with each other!), and the author of the book is not perfect, but there are a lot of hurting people out there that she is encouraging to draw near to God by reading the Bible and praying. Thanks for reading and expressing your viewpoint! Your warning is a valid one. We do have to stay aware as we read Christian nonfiction.

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  3. Some good points are made.

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  4. carhicks says:

    I agree with you both. I always take Christian books with a grain of salt because each person will pull what they want from scripture to support their ideas. Saying that, this sounds like a book that might start a discussion and healing for someone who draws closer to The Word. I think I will see if I can find this book, as I know I still have some healing to do after my husband’s death. I can always use other people’s suggestions, then use what works for me. Thanks for sharing this one Linda.

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    • lghiggins says:

      I am sorry for your loss, Carla, and I pray that God will strengthen you and give you peace as you continue your healing journey. I agree with your comments and will add to it that we also, as readers, bring our background to anything we read, be it Scriptures or a nonfiction book such as this one. Although the words in the Bible are true and unchangeable, interpretations do vary. As one pastor said to those coming to his church, “Don’t check your brain at the door.” If you decide to read this book, I hope it is helpful.


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