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Til Death Do Us Party–TN wedding in Vegas

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Til Death Do Us Party

by Vickie Fee

Til Death Do Us PartyTil Death Do Us Party is classified as a mystery, but definitely crosses over to the women’s fiction genre also. It is one-third of the way into the book before there is any hint of crime. This is good because, as part of a series, the author Vickie Fee supplies an abundance of background information and develops her characters so that it works well as a standalone. It is unfortunate for the reader who wants to focus on the mystery, however. The book also ends with several more chapters of personal events after the mystery is solved; these chapters are interesting and provide closure on various situations, but again they relegate the role of the mystery to a less than primary status.

Liv is a professional party planner, but also called upon by family and friends to use her investigative skills in times of crisis. In Til Death Do Us Party, Liv, her best friend Di and assorted family and friends accompany her widowed mother to Las Vegas for “Mama’s” wedding. When the wedding officiant collapses, things go downhill for the wedding plans and Liv has to go into high gear.

The author has a fun writing style, engaging the reader with both the Las Vegas setting and the Tennessee background of the character. There is a romantic triangle involving Di, her boyfriend Sheriff Dave Davidson, and her ex-con ex-husband Jimmy. Di’s renewed attraction to Jimmy is not believable, but the outcome is acceptable.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

Category: Mystery, Women’s Fiction

Notes: 1.  #4 in the Liv and Di in Dixie Mystery Series, but works well as a standalone

2.  The book concludes with Party Tips and Recipes for a Backyard Luau and

Movie Night under the Stars.

Publication:   March 27, 2018—Kensington Books

Memorable Lines:

Landing in Las Vegas was somewhat akin to touching down in Oz. We’d barely left the tarmac before being greeted by the flashing lights and ringing music of the airport slot machines.

Mama, who has a penchant for drama and could have pursued a career on the stage, or as a professional mourner—she can boohoo with the best—wasted no time launching into her performance.

I’ve found if you act like you have a right to be somewhere, most people assume you do.


  1. Cozynookbks says:

    Thanks for reviewing this. I’ve had my eye on it. I’m glad to know its more of a women’s fiction/mystery so I know what to expect going in should I decide to read it. I might actually like that.
    Love the memorable lines too. ( :

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