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Fatal Forgeries–4th in the series

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Fatal Forgeries

by Ritter Ames

Fatal ForgeriesFatal Forgeries focuses on returning stolen art work and on discriminating forgeries in the art world. Laurel heads up a team for the Beacham foundation. She also uses her connections to solve related personal issues that threaten her safety and life and that of her team. Three men who may be related to her are suspects in crimes against her.

Fatal Forgeries is the fourth book in Ritter Ames’ Bodies of Art Mystery Series. The author has conceived a complicated and continuing plot in this series. This feature is different from most cozy mysteries in that it is not just the characters that continue from book to book, but the actual plot. Fatal Forgeries begins with an unidentified, and therefore puzzling, action scene followed by the author’s concerted effort to bring the reader up to speed by summarizing the plot and the relationships of the characters as delineated in the first three books. The major flaw of this book is that the first half rambles. In the second half, the pace picks up and the plot has some clarity. The only way I can recommend this book is if all the preceding books in the series are read first and in order.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Henery Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3/5

Category: General Fiction (Adult), Mystery

Notes: This book needs to be read as part of the sequential Bodies of Art Mystery Series.

Publication:  June 6, 2017—Henery Press

Memorable Lines:

“She’s as happy or unhappy as she wants to be.”

There’s something magical about this place. Barcelona’s sun, sea, sangria, and street food seduces me every time.

A full moon in the dark sky not only lit up the heavens, but bathed the sea in light as well, the rippling waves appearing to bring the luminescence to shore.


  1. Yes, this series needs to be read in order to understand it. However I am looking forward to the next book.

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