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Fatality by Firelight–writers’ retreat, readers’ delight

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Fatality by Firelight

by Lynn Cahoon

fatality-by-firelightFatality by Firelight, the second book in the Cat Latimer Mystery Series, is appealing in so many ways, but primarily because it is an all round good mystery with twists and turns and abundant surprises. I had many interruptions during my reading of this book, but I was always anxious to return to the story and I always remembered where I had left off. Both signs of a good book.

The main character is Catherine (Cat) Latimer, a young, widowed, former professor.  Her ex-husband’s apparent betrayal and death form an underlying mystery that ties in with strange current occurrences. Other important folks you’ll meet are Shauna, Cat’s longtime friend turned business partner and chef for the retreat, and Seth, Cat’s high school sweetheart who has entered her life again and also has a major role in the writers’ retreat.

The book deviates from a typical cozy in two ways. Although Cat does want to solve the mysteries that present themselves to her, that is not her main mission in life. She is a writer and tries to pay for upkeep on a Victorian mansion she inherited by hosting a weeklong writers’ retreat once a month. The other deviation is the male romantic interest in the book. Usually that role is filled by some type of legal professional–a sheriff, detective, private investigator, etc. No so in Fatality by Fire. There are attractive men in her life, but her legal connection comes in the form of her Uncle Pete, a likable and supportive college town police chief.

I recommend this book for its plot with mysteries on two levels, its snowy Colorado setting, some quirky characters who attend the retreat, and its writer’s theme which is appealing to readers. Fatality by Firelight delivers an interesting story, a strong female lead, and a dose of humor as a bonus.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Mystery

Notes: Second book in series, but worked well as a standalone

Publication:   February 28, 2017–Kensington Books

Memorable Lines: 

No matter what kind of turmoil Cat was experiencing in her real life, typically writing made her forget everything and concentrate of the story.

[talking about a writer’s retreat] …the magic is in the process, not the accommodations or the distance you travel from home.

Okay, so this was all conjecture, but that was her job. As a fiction writer, she filled in holes, and this story had more holes than a pasta strainer.

“Well, you know what they say: if it doesn’t kill you, and you’re an author, you use it in a book.”


  1. I like this author. She has another one Tourist trap. These are set in town off of California coast.

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  2. lghiggins says:

    A whole other series I have missed out on! I added the first one as “wants to read” in Goodreads and made a note in my Blogging Notebook about the series. Thanks!


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