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Let’s Change those Stereotypes!

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The media in the U.S. often describes Mexicans with stereotypical terms–gangs, drugs, lazy. Let me shine a little light on the people who have shared their country with me for three years. I don’t know anyone in Mexico who fits into this stereotype, and why do we think we should throw people into a descriptive “basket” anyway? Are there people in Mexico who are unpleasant or criminal? Certainly, as there are the world over.

So, what kind of people have I encountered in Pátzcuaro, Mexico?  Kind, generous, and family oriented. If you need a stereotype, try that one. In our town, people are so patient when we try to communicate in our broken Spanish. We had a lady take us across town to find a repair shop when she was clearly headed in a different direction. She even stopped several times to ask directions for us. A young man spent the day climbing up and down a ladder to clean the exterior windows of our two story house and then would not charge us anything. He only took some money when we insisted it was for “Navidad.”


A beautiful plant called Alcatraz

The flowers were given to me by our hairdresser. She has a clean, but worn, little one room, one chair beauty shop with no apparent source of water. Parking is one slot on the side of a busy, curvy hill. Hours are indeterminate. But she is pleasant and does a great job of cutting our hair. When I asked her for the name of the plant explaining that I had one in my yard at home but would like to buy more, she insisted I take the vase of flowers home–“un regalo” (a gift).

We look different, talk different, and dress differently, but we experience kindness and generosity. This is my stereotype for Mexicanos.



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    I have experienced the same thevfew times I have been in Mexico.

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  2. Wendy says:

    I had a whole team of hispanics early in my career. We were number the 1 office out of 120, and my loan officers were #1, #3, and #8 out of 400 nationwide. We had so much fun. They helped me with my Spanish, they were the very best team I have ever worked with. It’s a shame that the hard working, family oriented, kind folks of any race are tainted by the small percentage that make headlines.

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  3. Joëlle says:

    Over the course of my life, I have met all kinds of people from very many nationalities, and faith and realized that stereotypes can be misleading as well as damaging. It’s when you accept to share a portion of your life journey with other people that you get to appreciate them or not.

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