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Wisdom From an Old Father: “Mind Time” ~ By Denis Ian

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DON’T RUSH KIDS! This is a great post, but if you are pushed for time, start reading where the blue letters say “mind those sweet moments…” And read to the end. It is an excellent passage–especially if you have anything to do with kids (parents, teachers, grandparents, etc)

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I’m an old father now. Suddenly it seems.

My sons have sons. I own lots of memories. I polish the sweet ones and never dust the ones that hurt.

I mind time now. I didn’t used to. In fact, like lots of you, I was reckless with time. Not any longer.

When I was a boy of about 9 or so, I had the temporary misfortune of being the last to the dinner table … and that meant sitting just to the left of my father. That was like sitting next to the district attorney … or the pope. My brothers loved my dilemma … because that’s what brothers do. It’s in the Irish Manual of Life.

So … there I was … waiting for my moment of challenge. The knives were clanging plates and there were two or three different conversations happening around this table with the fat legs…

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  1. Wendy says:

    That is wonderful. Love it!

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