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Three Day Quote Challenge–Day 3

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The message today from school administrators to teachers is “we are always looking over your shoulder and you need to hit the mark every single minute of the day.” The message should be “we are here to support you as you experiment in your classroom. Keep it vital, new, creative and full of growth. Every class you teach will be different. Classes and students will even have different needs from the day before. Keep trying until you find what works for this class. Education is not a one size fits all endeavor.” This message of school being a “no mistakes” zone is passed along to the students. Real learning is messy. Let teachers and students engage in the process!

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  1. This quote is so true! I think education administrators need to get in touch with the everyday happenings in the classrooms. I really think it would be great to have a mandatory amount of time that they spend in the classroom, as the teacher. Not just 1 day, but enough time to experience the role of teacher. I speak from personal experience. I grew up in a home with an administrator and a teacher and even though my career path was different, I did spend time in the classroom setting and my college major was Elementary Education for 3 yrs before I changed it.

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