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Beneath His Silence–guilt and forgiveness

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Beneath His Silence

by Hannah Linder

“Gothic-Style Regency Romance” encapsulates Hannah Linder’s new historical fiction novel Beneath His Silence. The beginning of this romance did not appeal to me at all with its mishmash of characters, settings, and mysterious motives. The first part of the book is confusing but gradually straightens itself out into a reasonable plot that continues to tease the reader with questions of who did what to whom and why. With the main male character, Lord Henry Sedgewick, consumed by guilt and admitting his crime, the reader must persevere along with the female protagonist, Ella Pemberton, who struggles to find the truth and control her emotions.

My favorite character is Lord Sedgewick’s son Peter, a loved and lovable lad. Ella assumes a new name and identity and becomes his governess to get into the household and avenge the deaths of her sister and her father.

The ending of the book is packed with action, danger, and heroics. Mysteries and love are revealed, but not without a cost. There are several romantic overtures to Lord Sedgewick who is a widower. The characters’ actions conform to the requirements of the times for the various classes and genders and stand out in stark contrast to expectations for the twenty-first century. The themes of the book revolve around a relationship with God, guilt, and forgiveness. Despite my initial misgivings, I did stay up late to finish what became a page turner.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Rating: 3/5

Category: Christian, Historical Fiction, Romance

Publication: November 1, 2022—Barbour Publishing

Memorable Lines:

There’d been no laughter for a long time…But maybe now things would be better. If Miss Woodhart could offer the boy love, if her presence could bring him laughter, if truth of his own mother could forever be kept from his ears…Maybe Peter could escape the punishment. The punishment Henry had brought on them both.

Was this how all inferiors felt? How demeaning to be treated as if one’s presence was not noticed. Had she ever treated anyone thus at Abbingston? Ah, yes. She most certainly had. Not out of meanness, of course, but rather from a lack of thought or consciousness. She resolved to do better in the future.

“I can believe that God created the world,” she whispered, “but how can I believe He is the author of such dreadful circumstances?” “I cannot convince you, Miss Woodhart, nor can I make you believe.” The evening shadows deepened around them. “I can only testify of Him. I am afraid the rest is something you must discover yourself.”


  1. Cozynookbks says:

    Nice review, Linda. I remember parts of this book. I liked it but sometimes it felt a little too contrived for me if memory serves. 🤔 I had to suspend disbelief at times when it became a bit difficult for me to accept as realistic. Nevertheless, I did enjoy it. I gave it four stars.
    Your review is excellent.

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  2. lghiggins says:

    I don’t do half stars, but if I did I would have given this 3.5. I vacillated between 3 and 4. I would like to give it 3 for the beginning and 4 for the rest. Yes, you absolutely have to suspend disbelief on some parts, but it is fiction so I am OK with that.

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  3. Gretchen says:

    This is not an author I am familiar with. I have not read much regency romance, but would like to at least dip my toe in the waters. From your review, I am thinking this wouldn’t be the best one to choose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lghiggins says:

      I have read very little in this category too. The author is young, but has written several Regency romances. This is the first book I have read by her. The cover is beautiful, and I believe she designed it herself. I’m sure there are a lot of Regency romances out there, but I am not a good source of recommendations for them.


  4. It doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but as always I find your honest reviews interesting and informational, tthank you~

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  5. Carla says:

    Nice review, Linda. Too bad it started so slowly and convoluted. That does frustrate me, but I’m glad it pulled it out at the end.

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