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The Blackwell Sisters

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When is a series more than a series? When each book in the series is written by collaborating authors who have already worked together on another successful series. In this case, Melinda Curtis, Amy Vastine, Anna J. Stewart, Carol Ross, and Cari Lynn Webb have teamed up to create The Blackwell Sisters, a series set in Montana and centered around the Harrison sisters who have discovered that the man who raised them is not their biological father. He is the mysteriously missing Thomas Blackwell. This group of authors’ first series is The Return of the Blackwell Brothers in which the manipulating grandfather of the cousins in both series interferes in his grandchildren’s lives in what turns out to be a positive way. The books differ in that the Blackwell brothers are returning to their roots whereas the sisters are discovering a family heritage they never knew they had. The two series share characters that you will enjoy meeting. Both series make for a clean, heartwarming read, and either or both would be a fun present under the Christmas tree!

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  1. How interesting that this series is written by a group of authors! Both series sound charming!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nancy says:

    A fun series… and written by many to get another feel to the story. Or should I say stories?
    Thank you always!

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  3. lghiggins says:

    These authors live in different parts of the country, but manage to bring this together in such an appealing way. I am amazed at their work.


  4. Carla says:

    Wonderful post Linda. I need to get back to this series and finish it up. I also love how they can write these books separately, but they all fit together so well.

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