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Corazón de Durazno–Heart of the Peach

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We live in an area called Corazón de Durazno because the houses are built where there used to be a peach orchard. It is January with highs around 68 degrees F and lows averaging around 40 degrees–although last night we did have a light frost. The trees are in full bloom and have various stages of fruit simultaneously. Some fruits remain from last year and the poor trees are generally confused, but beautiful.



  1. Wendy says:

    It’s sad with the trees are confused, what hope do we have? 😊

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  2. bernard25 says:


    Cette nuit je me suis reposé dans mon lit

    Aucun bruit n’est venu me déranger

    j’ai fais un rêve

    Et une personne m’a dis de venir te saluer

    Alors un énorme BONJOUR Pour la semaine

    Profite bien de celle-ci

    Passe un agréable journée

    Bisous amicaux Bernard

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  3. lghiggins says:

    Beautiful! Thank you. May all your dreams be pleasant.


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